Hello World

AddLayout adds a layout to the screen so that it is visible (if not hidden with SetVisibility)
When CreateLayout arguments are passed it will create the layout just like app.CreateLayout and also add it.

app.AddLayout( layout, type, options )

See Also: RemoveLayout

Example - Vertical

function OnStart()
    lay = app.CreateLayout( "Linear", "FillXY,VCenter" );

    txt = app.CreateText( "Hello" );
    txt.SetTextSize( 50 );
    lay.AddChild( txt );

    app.AddLayout( lay );
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String: “Linear” or “Absolute” or “Frame” or “Card”
String: TouchThrough, TouchSpy, “Left” or “Top” or “Right” or “Bottom” or “Center” or “H/VCenter”, “Wrap”, “Horizontal” or “Vertical”, “FillX/Y”
app object: Layout